When you ask someone: who are you? that person basically have many ways to answer that question. If you ask me, then I’m kind of schematic in my answer:

The Developer

I’m a software developer, with more than 15 years of experience in software development (this may give you a small clue how old I am).

Bachelor in Computer Science. Master Degree in Project Management from the University of Quebec at Outaouais, Canada (UQO). Microsoft MCP, MCTS for web development.

I started coding on Turbo Pascal, then learned Object Pascal, Basic, Visual Basic and VB.net, C#, Java, JavaScript, Swift, TypeScript. My experience on programming range from windows services, mobile applications (native and hybrid), Rest APIs, web applications and integrations using ASP.net , MVC and Core, Angular, BackBone JS. And a lot of more Microsoft stuff. 


The Traveler

I love to travel, I have visited a couple countries (not as many as I wish, but I can’t complain), I also love going to the beach and doing local tourism. I speak Spanish as my mother language and survivor English. You can see the pictures I upload in my Instagram @walalm

If there’s anything else you want to know you can reach me using the contact page.