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A brief demonstration of The importance of Azure DevOps Pipelines Task Order and how it affects the artifacts product on a project configured with CI/CD.

The order in a pipeline is very important. When you are creating your build or release pipelines you need to take care of the order of tasks on your process.

For example, let’s suppose you are creating a copy file task. If you define the copy task before the files you are copying are not there your result will result in not files copied.

An example, how important is the order of the tasks

In the following task order, the mistake is the CopyFiles task is after the publishing task, this task is a closing task, as result no files will be copied.

As you can see, the CopyFiles task is after the publish artifacts task.
As result 0 files were copied to my drop location.

Then, organize your yaml template to accomplish your goal. Put the task in the correct order depending on what you want to achieve.

Set the correct order to your tasks

Remember, DevOps is a powerful platform, it simplifies your day to day tasks when developing and publishing applications to your users or inside your organization. The importance of DevOps pipelines lies on its integrability with other services which most of them are not from Microsoft.

There’s a lot of recipes to use with your DevOps. From getting sources from other repos (not only GitHub or DevOps) but also from BitBucket. You can deliver and integrate mobile applications. Keep your code running and updated and your users with the latest version always.

Deliver your last security patches and give extra functionalities every day by automating your delivering process.

If you have any question, don´t hesitate to ask in the comments form. Also please check more articles I wrote from DevOps.


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