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This is a brief analysis on how the Microsoft products and Office 365 can impact positively the education process, in primary and high school, and higher education. Education needs to be redefined, no more students occupying a seat for 5-8 hrs per day, no more speaking-only teachers .I speak Based on my own experience and the Microsoft showcase school public information.

First of all: This is not a promotional post, I give my unbiased opinion based on my sole experience.

The problem

When we talk about education promptly we talk about a love relation, where students fall in love with the knowledge, the information and the process, isn’t it? Well, is the opposite situation.

The education process nowadays is boring, stressful and painful in many ways. Let’s start pointing these items:

  • Time: This is not full exploited mainly in the education process but in the preparation process for education, do you follow me? We spend more time preparing for educating than the time spent educating, and to be clear, time doesn’t determine quality. But the reality is that the time is spent without results is more than the time with a materialized result.
  • Money: A lot of this is spent in the things around the education process but not in the sole education. The trend is the same as the time (in the previous item).
  • Human resources: On developing countries, the people used to educate is not the more prepared (sorry, it’s a sad reality), a lot of teachers choose on teaching because they are more likely to get a job as teacher than in other areas.
  • The process: The classic educator participates 70% in the classroom and the students 30%. The information is embedded in the brains of students instead of creating a natural learning process by observation, experiments and experience.
  • The environment: As said in the research paper abstract page 196 called ” Factors that Influence the Teaching – Learning Process from the Perspective of Accountancy Students: Analysis at a Higher Education Institution in Minas Gerais” the virtual or physical environment has an impact on this education process.
  • The curricula: This is the last but not less important, the curricula is not only a topic for the student to learn, in many cases it doesn’t conforms to the beating needs of knowledge present in the society or in the individual.

The solution

There is not a syrup for all deceases. There is not a tool for every single work.

The solution should be an integral solution that tackles all the edges of the problem. Let’s start with the same list of problems, the applicable Microsoft products in parenthesis.

  • Time (Microsoft Planner): Since time is precious and valuable, take advantage and think ahead in three simple questions:
    1. Can I run this asynchronous?
    2. What will I need if…?
    3. When is my deadline?
  • Money (OneNote + OneDrive): Save paper, save materials.
  • Human resources (Microsoft Teams + SharePoint Online): Teachers need to be scientists and critics on the education process.
  • The process (Microsoft Teams + PowerApps + Stream + OneNote): Give students the control on the education, just guide them in their path.
  • The environment (Microsoft Teams + Skype Virtual Field trips) : Enjoy the class whenever you are, take your students to the park and teach there.
  • The curricula (Office 365 + Minecraft): In this modern world teach your students the things they need to use for confront the new challenges and create new things by themselves. Talking about Minecraft, I invite you to see what things can be done using Minecraft in the classroom. Browse what new things Microsoft is creating or researching.


Remember, every situation, every case is particular, the most important thing is the education process to be seamless and show real results.


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