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James Montemagno

Last week attended to the Xamarin Developer Summit 2019 (#XamDevSummit). It was a grateful experience for my career. I learned a lot of cool things out there in the mobile environment.

There are a lot of things that I want to mention but let’s focus on what look important to me in the context of events like this, since this is not the classical summit where you go to eat a lot and drink and hang out, this was special.

UNO making its show


First of all, you need to check out the track of the speakers. A lot of talented people that works close with the mobile development using Xamarin. These people that may sound familiar to this world like:

  • Dan Siegel, David Ortinau
  • James Montemagno
  • Donovan Brown
  • Martin Van Dijk
  • Jon Galloway
  • And may others (without discrimination).

Also the key notes; I find that public and private workshops were perfectly selected and designed. The main goal was to keep the attendee updated and focused on what matters. I think that the content was always focused and interesting.

Also had the opportunity to meet, the famous PinedaX (this pays it all):

From right to left: Claudio Sanchez, Darwin Espinosa, PinedaX, me

Important notes

The sponsors and partner booths were perfect. There are couple things attracted my attention, I want to mention these:

  • The announcement and live preview of the Hot Reload
  • The work the Xamarin team has been doing (which is amazing) on optimizing and the compiled apps, the load time and a lot of tweaks around this
  • Uno Platform is captivating my attention, so to such level that I’m planing to write and blog about this platform, because that is the main reason why I re-activated my personal blog (Thanks to the Uno Platform guys)
  • Couchbase, it was a great session to me, because I was looking for a solution for couple things in my project and think couchbase suites perfect for it
  • The advanced work Samsung has been doing with, it is amazing, also I had the opportunity to participate in the private workshop (developing an application for the Smart Watch)
  • GrialUI kit, is what I’m looking for, and because I had the opportunity to talk with these guys which are very friendly
  • The Prism framework, it was amazing watching this on live action
  • The MVM pattern and good practices for mobile applications in general
  • The give away was perfect, you know we love more but I think in general it was pretty good
  • The swag received was pretty nice and got a lot of t-shirts (like 5)

The venue

Grial UX/UI kit stand

This hotel and surroundings perfect, I enjoyed the hotel, visited couple places around this and had the opportunity to enjoy the moment completely.

In general this event fills all my expectations and had a great value for me because not only all the knowledge and experience, but also for all the people I met there.

I’ve been in many conferences and summits but never so exciting like this. I’m hoping again to find that public and private workshops. I preparing now to attend the next one. Saving in my mind Xamarin Developer Summit 2019.


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