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Anker Roav Bolt: The Review

This is a my experience configuring and using the Anker Roav Bolt assistant in my car, after couple days of use, this is the whole experience with the product. Take a seat.

The Package

As always, Anker deliver the product in a box that is well presented, polished and colored to make you feel you are purchasing a product of superior quality (that is the truth by the way).

This box is made to make you feel great about the new product.

What’s inside?

Inside you will find:

  • An auxiliar 3.5mm cable for conecting your assistant to your car if needed
  • The Roav Bolt device
  • Quick user guide

The setting up process…

Well, you know, when you purchase a new gadget you expect the setup process to be easy, smooth, with this is the same. But first you need to make sure:

  • You have an internet connection
  • Your car supports Bluetooth
  • Your smartphone can run the Google Assistant app (Android or iOS)

Despite I have iOS as my main device, I was skeptical on if my process will be smooth since you know: Google for the Androids. But it did not disappointed me.

When connected my device it quickly started to update the device:

This box is made to make you feel great about the new product.

After the update the setup process guided me step by step, it also connects you by 2 different Bluetooth connections depending on the audio capabilities:

This box is made to make you feel great about the new product.

Then finally the setup ended as expected:

This box is made to make you feel great about the new product.

Making some use:

  • I asked to call my wife (success)
  • I asked to take me home (opened the google maps app with the route to my house and started navigate)
  • I asked about the weather (told me it will rain and the temperature)
  • And the most important thing (which is the main reason I use this device) is that I asked to play some music without touching the cellphone:
This box is made to make you feel great about the new product.

It’s a charger!

Wait, for a moment I was forgetting the fact that the device is an USB charger! Yes, it perfectly couples with my previous use for the cigarette socket: Charging my phone. The Power IQ and fast charge technology allows your cellphone to get 100% quickly. It works smooth!

What I don’t like

This is not a complaint about the Roav Bolt, is more to the google assistant and the application integration, since I use iOS as my main device, sometimes I need to open manually the application to ask the assistant to launch it in the future, or when I get into my car I need to have the assistant app in background or launched to the device work. I tested it using an Android and the experience is far different, with Android the things are better a looooooot way to much.

Don’t know if in the future Anker launch a device that works with Apple’s Siri or something like that, but it would be great.

Overall rate

I’ll try to make justice here, and will divide my rate as follows:

  • 7/10 for the Assistant application with iOS
  • 9/10 for the Assistant using Android
  • 9/10 for the device (the hardware)

Well thank you for reading, that’s all, stay tuned.

Message to Anker: Keep investing and researching in things like this, we love to have new technology in our cars.


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