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The Nylon is good. Anker USB-C Cable Review

As the title says, the nylon is good. How good? try using a rubber covered cable for a while then use a nylon braided cable.

Last week I received the Anker Premium Double-Braided Nylon USB-C to USB-A Cable as a gift for testing purposes. I have a previous cable (for my iPhone) that is like this new one, I started using it on september 2016, to the date the cable is only dirt, I use it on my office on a daily basis, but the original iPhone cable count is about 3 (I have purchased 3 iPhone original cables, all already dead).

Thinking about my previous experience this new cable is better for my brand new Galaxy S9 (the original Samsung cable is a joke). If you are hanging out or if you just make outdoor activities this nylon braided cable is perfect for you, specially if you are always holding a powerbank, the original cable will not resist the payload, the use, do you copy me?

Just see the pictures and deduct yourself

Look at the finished nylon work
Look at the finished nylon work
Look at the finished nylon work
Look at the finished nylon work

I always talk about the price

Let’s suppose an original USB-C cable is costing $6 dollars on amazon, you use it hard every day, then your cable breaks down after 3 months, you purchase another one for $6, and after 3 more months your cable breaks down again, you purchase another one, taking in count the first one came with the brand new cellphone you are just purchasing 2 cables and had damaged 3, you spent $12 in 9 months of use for cables.

What if you just pay $11.99 for 2 Anker nylon braided cables on amazon? Also knowing it will last longer (not for eternity by the way). You are saving your money this way.



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