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This is the Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad

As always I start my reviews, couple days ago I received my sample of the Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad, basically is a soft stand for where you leave your cellphone over it and it start to charging immediately.

Firtst of all, you must know, to take advantage of this wireless charger your cellphone must be able to receive the wireless charge, from first hand I know that some models like Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9, iPhone 8, X and 8 Plus can be charged using this technology.

Let’s start from the box

Today I noticed Anker has made a great work with the design of the new packaging boxes, is the perfect gift for someone’s special occasion. I give the box a rating 9/10.

Inside the box you’ll find basically the following items:

  • The PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad
  • USB Cable
  • A human friendly user guide
The box and content inside
The box and content inside

Charging speed and heat condition

A good information to include in this review are the following facts:

  • You know the charging speed will not be like using a cable (in this case wired is faster than wireless), but the percentage of speed is not significant, in my case I noticed a reduction of only 10% of the speed
  • Contrary to my preconception of this technology the pad did not showed any heat saturation or bad behavior
The box and content inside
The box and content inside

Aesthetics matters

One thing I liked was the fact that the pad is very thin, also is not very big, it will fit awesome in your desk or your bedside table.

The price

Compared to other products in the market and taking in count the presence of Anker, I think the price is very, and very attractive.

Final thoughts

This is definitively a good product, more if you are looking to protect the charging port of your phone. If your phone does support this technology I encourage to use this instead of a cable, this is the future of cellphone-charging.


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