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Why I love my new Anker SoundCore Spirit X

Couple days ago I received an Amazon notification about a discounted price for the Anker SoundCore Spirit X earphones, rapidly it gained my attencion since my old Anker SoundBuds Sport suffered a bad experience with my little son.

After couple days of purchased, my doorbell ringed, finally my package arrived. I received my new SoundCore Spirit X on a tiny compact box (I love the compact boxes).

The tiny box is full of good things

In the box you’ll find:

  1. A synthetic zipper case,
  2. Spare ear rubbers and adjustable rubbers
  3. The user guide
  4. An USB cable
  5. And the earbuds of course
The tiny box is full of good things

About the specs

The earpieces are very comfortable and easy to carry on your ear. The control panel is now very simple and (what I love the most) is not attached to an earpiece like other models (SoundBuds sport), now is easier to change the volume, pause your music or just answer a call.

The sound has been enhanced, is louder but clearer, the bass are stronger than other models but maintaining the good quality.

The battery life

One of more specific specs that every user look at is the battery life, and allow me to tell you: It will not disappoint you, the battery lasts for 12 hours as promised and more depending on your use.

Other aspects

I did not tested the SweatGuard or the water resistance (come on). But I trust Anker when they say it will survive your workout activities.

I like the wire is not so easy to tangle and seems very durable, since I have just couple days using it just the future will talk about the durability.

The plastic and rubber materials used in this product are very resistant to your daily use and workout, you can see clearly the efforts Anker put on designing and fabricating it.

The tiny box is full of good things
The tiny box is full of good things
The tiny box is full of good things
The tiny box is full of good things

Finally, as always remember that this impression is my own non-biased opinion. I tested it as an end-user and based on my daily activities.


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