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Anker Universal Magnetic Car Mount Review

Couple days ago I received the Anker Universal Magnetic Car Mount for reviewing it. I like it very much, since is easy to set up and not so easy to remove, so your cellphone will not fall down when your car is moving.

Good things to note

  1. The first thing I must note about it is the price (only 15.99 bucks on amazon)
  2. The magnet is so strong that you will need to apply some strength to remove it (obviously that is good for this kind of product)
  3. The metal finish is very polish and fine
  4. The instructions are very simple and clear
  5. The mount cellphone-base component comes with a rubber band to protect your cellphone from scratchs
  6. A pair of metal adhesive bands, a pair of double face adhesive and an alcohol pouch is included in the package

This could be better

  1. The size of the mount could be taller so it would give you more closed angle when turning your cellphone depending on your cellphone size
  2. Maybe include an Air-vent adapter

Anker is very dedicated and detailed with the accessories they make, this one is not the exception, if you are an Uber driver, adventurer or businessman this will fit your needs of course.

This is my personal opinion as consumer and is not biased, I tend to describe as much as I can of the product, other technical aspects may be out of my knowledge or hands.


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