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My Anker ROAV Dashcam Review

Couple days ago came to my hands the Anker ROAV Dashcam C1, and this is my review.

The Anker ROAV Dashcam is basically a tiny camera that you can install in your car to record your trip or any event on the roads. It can be mounted thanks to a tiny sticky base that plugs in the camera body.

The camera lens can be adjusted to the position of your needs
The camera lens can be adjusted to the position of your needs

Physical aspects

The camera lens can be adjusted to the position of your needs

When I have a gadget in my hands for reviewing it the first thing I point is the physical aspect, because I think every gadget you use must fit your needs in space and dimensions. Let’s say that the ROAV Dashcam is well sized. Is tiny, light and the plastic exterior is strong enough to resist the power of the sun and heat when you fix it in your car front glass.

The orientation of the power plug, power button is perfect, except for one thing, the power button is very soft and is very easy to activate it accidentally, it could be more hard to press.

The SD card slot orientation is perfect, is very easy to insert and take out the SD card without un-mounting the camera.

Screen and touch controls

The camera lens can be adjusted to the position of your needs

This camera comes with an integrated screen to preview the videos and operate the menu interface. The system is very easy to use, but sometimes is laggy (maybe my hands), they should work to make it better and more responsive.

The screen resolution and quality is perfect for reviewing the videos, come’on you are not thinking to view all your videos in this screen right? this is just for quick review, if you instead want to watch your full length videos there is an app that allows you to export/download your videos to your smartphone. (I’ll talk about it in the next line)


The camera lens can be adjusted to the position of your needs

In your first step the app will guide you through the configuration process to connect your smartphone with the camera using Wifi-direct. Basically the camera enables a wifi hotspot so you can connect to it using your smartphone. After you pair the camera the interface will guide you to review and download your videos.

The app could be better, I did not find the way to un-pair my camera. The help section is not very rich and lack of content. Sometimes the camera an the app hang and stop working, needing in result to restart the camera or worse your smartphone.

Battery autonomy

I used the camera without charging it for almost 20hrs. It didn’t show any sign of low power or bad functions.

The video quality

The camera specs are listed to record full HD (1080), the quality of the recordings is very good. I had the opportunity to record videos in low light conditions and the result is very good. While you are driving the camera also reduce the vibration and shake bad images. It also occupies low space in your SD card, so let’s say that the videos are optimized for sharing, uploading, or editing it.

The package

The camera lens can be adjusted to the position of your needs

The package comes inside with a good thing, a Power Drive 2 to power (sorry for being redundant) your camera and charging the camera’s battery. It also comes with the the following things: Extra large USB cable (for power the camera), user guides, power drive 2 and obviously the camera. The box is very compact and can be recycled. Anker puts their good quality in the things they make, this is one of these.

The price

I think the price is pretty good, if you look around for other products like this you will not find the comparable package Anker is giving you for the amount you are paying.

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