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5 reasons why I picked out BackboneJS instead others

Some code I wrote for a mobile application
Some code I wrote for a mobile application

Let’s expose why you should choose BackboneJS instead others. Before you read, yes I’m writing to you, Angular religious-defender. This is not a party or religious article, so I will not enter in your terrain defending which or what technology.

Couple moons ago, I was needing to develop a mobile application with some existing HTML content. So I started researching which library, framework, pattern I would use to achieve the final product. Then after reviewing and testing couple technologies out there, I came to account that Backbone could fit seamlessly with my scenario.

The reasons

These are my 5 reasons why I picked out BackboneJS instead others (EmberJS, Angular, ReactJS):

  1. Control all my stuff. I’m one of these developers which love to know. control and shape all things happening in my application. I use some shortcuts and libraries but I use those which allow me to expand and go deeper without any waste of time. Come on, you know some times Angular makes you lose your time because you are expecting it to control a bunch of things.
  2. Known and Unknown issues. When I’m researching sometimes I focus on the development repository. I check open issues, comments, contributions and so on, because if I marry this tool/framework/library/pattern I want it to be a long lasting relationship (until death take us appart). Mostly when you are short of time and need it for yesterday. Go now and check the open issues for Angular and for Backbone.
  3. Expand-ability and integration process. When I tried Backbone the first time, I noticed something special. It is really easy to integrate with other frameworks/libraries (requireJS, textJS, bootstrap, moment, numeral, underscore, etc). You can even integrate it with almost any legacy library without making amazing changes to your code. Also, if you do want to expand it and add more functionalities, you can go ahead, it will not break your hands.
  4. Trust me, the size matters. If you are like me, you agree that when you are picking some JS libraries you try to pick the lightest one depending on your needs, in this terrain, Ember is the worst and Backbone is the winner. Also remember the size in memory, Angular is known for its memory footprint.
  5. The UI. As said before, I love to be in control, Backbone allow me to control the views, and use any template engine out there for web applications based in JS.

I do not pretend to make you a follower of Backbone, this article is my own experience and I wish to share it with you. Take just the best of this. And that’s Why I picked BackboneJS instead others.


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